Sustainable Sanitation & Hygiene for All (SSH4A) is SNV's comprehensive approach to ensure equitable and sustainable access to improved sanitation and hygiene by supporting the delivery of district-wide rural sanitation and hygiene services. Developed since 2008 in Asia, the SSH4A approach is now implemented by SNV in 15 countries across Asia and Africa.

The approach addresses the need to innovate in hygiene promotion practice, linking this to the sanitation drive, but also embedding this practice in long-term health promotion. It also recognises and addresses the need to have a long-term strategy to sustain sanitation and hygiene behaviour change, beyond one-off triggering and ODF-focused programmes. In addition, SSH4A focuses on the need to measure progress in small steps (moving up the sanitation ladder) and to measure access as well as the use and maintenance of toilets.

Our multi-donor supported SSH4A programmes integrate best practices in sanitation demand creation, sanitation supply chain strengthening, hygiene behaviour change communication, and governance including gender and social inclusion. We focus on strengthening the capacities of local stakeholders to plan, implement, monitor, and sustain sanitation and hygiene interventions.

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