Off-grid Electricity

Communities without access to on-grid electricity are forced to rely on polluting and inconvenient kerosene lamps and batteries to light their houses. Unfortunately, for the most part, it is women and children who are affected due to the amount of time they spend in the household.

In addition, economic development is hindered because companies cannot operate effectively without access to electricity. Off-Grid Electricity can solve these issues by providing reliable and healthier power.

The move to off-grid electricity is transforming lives and economies in developing countries around the world by increasing incomes, assisting educational development and improving health and safety. Expenditure is reduced, and working hours can be extended providing more time for business, study, socialising and community development. SNV aims to provide households and institutions with access to energy for consumption and production through off-grid solar and mini-grid electrification.

Off-grid solar provides brighter and healthier lighting for base of the pyramid (BoP) households and generates significant savings. The amount of money spent on a solar lantern is typically recouped within a few months from the money saved on kerosene, batteries or mobile phone recharging. We support distribution networks for quality solar lamps and home systems for better lighting, phone charging and other efficient appliances. To learn more about  this topic, please see our Solar PV capability statement.

Mini-grids for domestic, institutional and productive use, powered by solar PV, bio-energy or pico-hydro can be a viable and cost-effective route to electrification where the distance from the grid is too far and the population density too low to economically justify a grid connection. We have supported the site selection, design, construction, management and operation of different mini-grids in countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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