Sustainable Value Chains (SVC)

SNV facilitates the development of commercial and climate smart value chains.

Worldwide demand for foot is expected to increase by 60% by 2050. The arable land area is not growing and production is under pressure from climate change. Increasing sustainable productivity and value chain effectiveness can be used to address this dual challenge.

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SNV offers a proven market based approach for the sector to address the problems of smallholders, suppliers, processing companies, retailers as well as consumers. SNV brings together stakeholders and builds capacities of value chain actors to increase the efficiency of supply chains, improve food safety and reduce food losses, while growing businesses.

We draw on our decades-long experience as an implementer - using best practices in agriculture production, supply chain management, market-based solutions, and strengthening public institutions and service providers – to develop agriculture markets at scale.

SNV’s value chain approach consists of the following elements:

  • Market system development: we analyse local challenges and identify opportunities to grow the value chain.
  • Public Private Partnerships: SNV works in public-private partnerships to address bottlenecks, create joint investment and share best practices.
  • Smart services: We develop professional market-based input, trade and information services. For example we establish Farmer Field Schools and model farms.
  • Sustainable intensification: we improve increase productivity and promote green technologies throughout the value chain.
  • Financing: we manage matching funds to incubate innovations and leverage commercial and private sector financing to achieve scaling.

Our work is concentrated in five commodity areas: Horticulture, Dairy, Livestock, Coffee/Cocoa and Palm Oil.

In addition to professionalising value chains and grow profits, our projects improve consumers’ dietary behaviour, address gender imbalances, create employment opportunities for young people, and build climate change resilience through our dedicated methodologies - Sustainable Nutrition for All (SN4A), Balancing Benefits, Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) and Climate & Business respectively.

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