Sustainable Nutrition for All (SN4A)

Malnutrition has far-reaching consequences for health, productivity and mental development that are felt over generations and are hampering many countries from achieving successful development. SNV is a pioneer in strengthening the relationship between agriculture and nutrition by introducing the Sustainable Nutrition for All product. It is built upon SNV's experience in the fields of food security, nutrition, value chain development, climate smart agriculture and gender. 

Working with communities, using triggering sessions we internalise the understanding of how agricultural practices and diet choices affect child growth, health and nutrition. It sparks the community to take action. They are guided in adopting new practices by capacity building on nutrition sensitive crop production, improved storage and processing techniques, and by facilitating access to inputs and markets. This goes together with behaviour change sessions to improve household knowledge, attitudes and practices on good nutrition and dietary diversity, with a focus on children and women. SNV works closely with local and district level authorities to ensure the sustainability of our activities. 

SNV works on food & nutrition security in many countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, implementing integrated solutions that address systemic issues underlying food insecurity, malnutrition and poverty. Our involvement at national and local levels, longstanding experience and drive for innovation make SNV a respected partner for developing and implementing holistic interventions that support food and nutrition security, social inclusion and environmental protection at scale.

For more information, please read our capability statement for this product.

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