Most companies buy from established suppliers and service providers and they themselves target middle and high income consumers for their products and services, yet low income groups represent a great business opportunity with a considerable purchasing power, valuable resources and skills.

The challenge is to help to break this cycle and create mutually beneficial outcomes. SNV's Inclusive Business bridges the gap between established companies and low income groups to create commercially viable business opportunities that incorporate low income markets into value chains as producers, employees and as customers. 

SNV drafts and incubates Inclusive Business models. We implement concepts and obtain the first business results. We broker the required financial instruments to sustain and scale the business model. SNV supports participating businesses to implement our models allowing them to integrate new smallholder suppliers and access new markets. We train smallholders to improve quality, quantity and reliability of harvests to enable them to supply to businesses. We cooperate with authorities to create pro-poor policies, both on the supplier and retail side. We stimulate the formation of public private partnerships to ensure the interests of all actors are represented. 

SNV has extensive experience in creating Inclusive Business models. We have developed more than 200 initiatives that create shared value for both business and low-income markets. We not only run programmes that focus exclusively on Inclusive Business initiatives but we also integrate our approach into a variety of other projects.

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