The poorest do not have the means to adapt to climate change yet they are most vulnerable to changing weather patterns. At the same time their farming activities and energy needs are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation and deforestation.

SNV's innovative Climate & Business product address this problem. Our product targets sustainable poverty reduction and increasing food and energy security for the poorest while creating resilience to climate change and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

We create Evergreen Farms by providing training on good agricultural practices to increase climate change resilience and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. We develop cooperatives to strengthen farmers' position in the supply chain. 

We create inclusive, resilient Deforestation Free Supply Chains. With AKVO mobile apps we deliver geographical and market data to farmers and pastoralists, providing guidance on resources, prices and best practices. This tool also allows us to create reliable first mile tracking and tracing systems from smallholder farmer to processor. Based on these, we cooperate with traders and processors to achieve certification for smallholders and monitor the supply chain.

We create Climate Smart Landscapes by strengthening the capacity of authorities at the jurisdictional (landscape) level to address governance, market and policy failures that often drive deforestation, ecosystem degradation and marginalisation of the rural poor.  

To support the implementation of product we pursue efforts to access innovative financing and engage with companies to unlock private investments.


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