We increase incomes and food security by accelerating the adoption of climate smart practices

We have extensive experience in value chain development and working with the private sector to transform markets in horticulture, dairy, livestock, food and cash crops. Our approach builds on this knowledge to drive the adoption of climate smart practices that will create adaptation and mitigation throughout selected value chains.

Our product

SNV has over 50 years of experience in developing value chains through market-based services. We support professionalisation of the value chain from producer to consumer and promote smallholder inclusion. By improving value chain governance and supporting conducive policy development, we help create beneficial results for all actors.

In our approach, we identify risks, prioritise interventions, incubate business cases based on climate smart practices and facilitate links to financing to scale these cases. By bringing value chain actors together, sharing insights and supporting advocacy, we accelerate sector-wide adoption and aim for sector transformation. Our interventions address impacts on gender equality and people’s nutritional status.

SNV's Climate & Business approach consists of the following elements:

  • Assessment: We utilise the latest climate change data and local research in the SNV Climate Risk Assessment Tool to determine risks for selected food crop value chains.We also determine trade-offs between local increased production and mitigation options, as increased production could lead to deforestation for example.
  • Identification and incubation: With the results of the assessment and utilising the SNV Business Scan, we identify and prioritise interventions that increase climate change mitigation and adaptation. We work with producer cooperatives, input suppliers and processors to develop profitable business cases.
  • Professionalisation: By professionalising market-based services in the selected value chains, such as farmer field schools and input services, we increase efficiency and productivity while promoting climate smart practices. We also bring producers, suppliers and processors together to help them overcome common barriers, strengthen governance and establish fair pricing systems.
  • Scaling and acceleration: Using the PPPLab Scaling Scan, we analyse barriers and opportunities to grow successful business cases. We work with companies to professionalise their business processes, make them investment-ready and manage matching grant funds to de-risk investments. Working with investment experts, we attract (semi-)commercial financing by comparing returns on current investments in adaptation and mitigation to the costs of in-action . We document insights from our business cases and share them with relevant actors to accelerate sector wide adoption. By informing investors and trading companies, and supporting inclusive policy development, we initiate sector transformation.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Deforestation Free Value Chains
  • Energy for Agricultural Production
  • Productive Water Use

Learn more, download our capability statement Climate & Business.


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