SNV has been active in Benin since 1970. We provide development solutions in line with the country's changing environment and needs.

We work hand-in-hand with local and international partners to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods by building the skills and capabilities of local individuals and organisations. Our work focuses on the Agriculture (cotton, palm oil, cashew, livestock), Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene sectors, along with cross-cutting programmes in gender and governance for empowerment.

Within Agriculture we support value chain development, which plays a key role in food security and the creation of income generating opportunities for rural populations. It focuses its support on strengthening smallholder farmers and their organizations as part of a multi-stakeholder approach.

The Renewable Energy Programme that was initiated in 2008 to explore biogas potential, has since grown to encompass work in solar power and biomass technologies. With biomass the specific focus lies on how waste or under-utilised agricultural residues can be used to provide a productive source of renewable energy, which in turn can provide new income (or save money) for farmers, reduce pressure on forest landscapes and deliver cross-cutting benefits - in particular to women. 

We have operated in the WASH sector in Benin since 1990 for the reduction of diseases related to the consumption of non-drinkable water and poor hygiene and sanitation practices. We work to improve access to drinking water, improved sanitation facilities, and to ensure positive and sustainable changes in hygiene practices. In our intervention approach we focus on:

  • Operationalisation of institutional changes in a decentralised context;
  • Strengthening of capacities of municipalities and private sector for effective prerogatives exercise at local level;
  • Supporting improved governance in the sector through the establishment of 'Domestic Accountability' mechanisms and tools.

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